Alexander Popov

Cold Front


Health 80
Karma 80

Fighting 20 Excellent
Agility 30 Remarkable
Strength 30 Remarkable
Endurance 10 Good
Reasoning 30 Remarkable
Intuition 20 Excellent
Psyche 30 Remarkable

Powers (12/14)
Clairvoyance 30 Remarkable
The hero can “see” distant sights without directly seeing it with his eyes. The hero receives a visual simulation of what he would see if he were actually present at the scene. The Power is not hindered by any of the factors that affect normal light transmission, such as distance, blockage, obscurement, and time lag. It can be used to see things that are impossible for a telescope or Telescopic Vision. For example, a Monstrous Clairvoyant could see current conditions inside a sealed room on the surface of Venus. The ranges for this Power are shown on Column E of the Range Table. When in use, the Power overrides normal vision. Normally the Power is consciously controlled. Sometimes it functions automatically. This can be the result of improper control, interference, or be triggered by sudden, dramatic events occurring to someone who whom the hero shares an emotional rapport. (“Oh no, Billy Jo fell off the bridge!”) The Power can work against the hero if unwanted visions obscure the hero’s sight or distract him at a crucial moment. For example, if Dr. Strange had a sudden flash while operating on a patient, a malpractice suit might be in order. When the Power is used to spy on another Clairvoyant, there is a possibility of that person detecting the use of the Power. The Judge makes a discreet Red FEAT based on the observed character’s Power rank.
Clairvoyance can function as a pipeline to draw light-based and Psionic attacks toward the hero. Such attacks may even affect him if they were aimed at something else within the area he is spying upon. The hero has -1CS resistance to such attacks.

Thermal Control 20 Excellent
The hero control applied heat or cold; that is, can control any force that actively changes the temperature of something else. This includes any source of heat or cold, whether natural, artificial, or Power based. The Power overlaps both Heat and Cold Generation but it also differs from them in that this Power cannot affect the natural temperature of a target or alter the local temperature to suit the hero’s whim. For example, Thermal Control could cool a girder being heated in a furnace, since that thing is being actively heated, but it could not change. the temperature of another girder lying outside the furnace (nothing is being done to that one).
Thermal Control is mostly used to counteract or supplement temperature altering Powers. The Power can affect such others as soon as they are emitted from the target’s body. That is, you can affect the Human Torch’s fireballs but not his Fire Sheath. The target’s Power rank determines the required Intensity of the FEAT. Controlling the Torch’s heat takes an Unearthly Intensity FEAT.

Shapeshifting 10 Good
The hero can drastically alter all of his physical parameters (dimensions, appearance, physiology) to achieve any desired shape. Despite appearances, the hero retains his basic chemical composition unless other Powers are used simultaneously, such as S8/Body Transformation-Self. Example: Hobgoblin of the Shi’ar Imperial Guard transforms himself into a stone wall. Despite its granite-like facade, it’s composed of flesh; instead of chips flying when the wall is attacked, it bleeds.
The hero can attempt to change into any form; success is determined by a FEAT. When creating the hero, the player can raise the Power rank by limiting the variety of possible forms into which the hero can change. Some categories include inanimates, machines, specific alien or animal races, superbeings only, and so on.
Normal duration is determined by Power rank. If the hero attempts a shape that exceeds his normal size limits (i.e. not more that 150% nor less than 50% of his original size), this affects the duration, dropping it the equivalent of -3CS. This way a hero can attempt to impersonate a fly or a dinosaur; he just can’t do it for long.

Matter Animation (Air) 30 Remarkable
The hero can alter the flow of any raw matter, impart movement to stationary matter, and shape such matter into any desired form. The Power can only affect matter that is in a relatively natural state. It cannot affect mechanical objects or material that is now or had once been alive.
Air Animation—The hero can directly control the movement of gases and vapors and indirectly control the movement of material suspended in the air, such as smoke, dust, steam, and so on. He can create winds of speeds equal to Power rank speed (see the Airspeed table on the inside cover). He can control the actions or air, wind, clouds, and potentially even the weather. The hero can use air either defensively or offensively by forming shields or gales of Power rank strength. Note: Air attacks cannot penetrate Force Fields or an aerial shield of higher Intensity. The Power can be developed into Power Stunts such as Gliding, Whirlwind Flight, and limited Weather Control. The forms of Weather Control available to the hero all depend on stirring up the air. These include bringing in storms, fog, tornadoes, and suddenly bringing two air masses of differing temperature together to form either fog or lightning.
The range at which the hero can Animate Matter is determined by the Power rank; distances are shown on Column B of the Range Table. The maximum amount that can be Animated is a mass weighing the equivalent of 1000 pounds times the Power rank number. For example, a Feeble rank can move one ton; in liquid terms this is the weight of a water bed. Matter remains Animated as long as the hero concentrates on using this Power. Judges are free to develop their own criteria to determine how well and how long a hero can do this in a given situation.
Any material can be Animated, as long as it is within the restrictions on the chosen form of that Power. Any reshaping done to the target is permanent; of course, this only applies to solids. The possibilities for both construction and vandalism are immense.
At the time the hero is created, the player has the option of raising the Power rank +1CS by further specializing the Power’s range of effect to a specific compound or type of matter. Examples of specializations include Powers that specifically Animate steam, water, oil, ice, clay, and so on.

Hyper Intelligence 30 Remarkable
Normally a character’s Intelligence is determined in the Character Generation Process. However, the research for the Ultimate Powers Book showed that extreme levels of Intelligence can be a Power in its own right. Examples include The Leader and the late Soviet scientist known only as Gargoyle. The hyper-intelligent character is a genius of awesome potential. He can quickly master new subjects, retain that knowledge indefinitely, and easily succeed in any mental endeavor. There are two ways the Power can be incorporated into a character. The player should choose one when he first creates the character (a coin toss will do). The first method is a permanent modification of the hero’s Intelligence. The Power rank number is added to the hero’s previously generated Reason or Intuition rank number. The total is the hero’s actual Hyper-intelligence. For example, a character like the Leader started off with Good Reason. The gamma rays added Incredible HyperIntelligence for a final total of Amazing Reason rank.
The second method uses HyperIntelligence the same way most other Powers are used-intermittently. Just as Siryn doesn’t scream all the time, so too would a Hyper-intelligent character have normal intelligence most of the time. When he uses his Power, he transforms himself into a mental giant. The way it operates is the character’s normal rank for either Reason or Intuition is raised the number of levels equal to the Power rank (Feeble is +1CS, Poor +2CS, and so on). The total is the actual Hyper-Intelligence rank the character can achieve using this Power. The hero can retain this higher rank for a limited amount of time; the duration is the number of minutes equal to the original Ability’s rank number. This is for the first time each day the hero uses the Power. Each successive time the hero uses his Power within the same day decreases the duration -1CS. Example: Steve is creating an awesomely wise alien named Shepherd. Shepherd has a normal Incredible Intuition rank. His Power rank is Excellent. This raises the Intuition rank by +5CS to a potential Shift-Y rank. Shepherd can retain this enhanced state for an Excellent duration of 40 minutes before he reverts to normal. summoning his Power a second time, he returns to Shift-Y Intuition for a Remarkable duration of only 30 minutes. He can summon his Power five more times after that, then he has to rest. When creating the character, the player can increase the Power rank +1CS by specializing in a specific fields. After all, comics are filled with characters who are titans in the lab but failures in other fields. Possible fields include Professional and other Talents, such as Medicine, Engineering, and Animal Training.

Cold Generation 10 Good
This Power is the pure form of Ice Generation and one it is often confused with. The hero can emit a field that decreases thermal energy and infrared radiation.
The Power decreases the temperature of the target; the amount is determined both by a FEAT and the Power rank number. A Typical FEAT drops the temperature by 10x the rank number; a Remarkable FEAT drops it by 20x the rank number; and an Unearthly FEAT drops it by 40x the rank number. For example, a hero with Remarkable Cold Generation can lower a target’s temperature by 300 (10×30) to 1200 (40×3O) degrees. The only limitation is that the temperature cannot drop lower than absolute zero (-273 degrees Celsius or -459.4 degrees Fahrenheit). The power has the side-effect of cooling the air between the hero and the target. Gases within that area may condense. Such by-products evaporate quickly after the Power ceases to operate. Cold Generation can be used to negate other sources of cold, whether Power-based, artificial, or environmental; its Power rank decreases the intensity of the affected cold. However, it cannot be used to raise the temperature of a frigid environment. The hero with this Power has Power rank level resistance to Cold in any form.

Cold Shaping 20 Excellent
The hero can control any force that actively decreases the temperature of something else. This can be used to increase or decrease the Cold’s Intensity by this Power’s rank number. This function overlaps both Heat and Cold Generation but differs in that this Power cannot alter the natural temperature of a target or alter local temperatures to suit the hero’s whims. There are two primary functions to this Power. The first is to counteract or supplement cold-based Powers. The hero can alter such Powers as soon as they are emitted from the target’s body. Such powers can be increased or decreased by this Power’s rank number. The hero can also redirect such Powers. This leads to the second primary function. The hero can shape fields of intense cold and produce useful results. Ice Generation is a form of this Power. The hero can create shapes of rapidly-formed ice that he can use in a variety of Power stunts. The hero can also develop variations on Ice Generation that use other materials present in his local atmosphere.
Such substances include carbon dioxide (even more slippery than ice, and the fog can knock people out), nitrogen, oxygen (potentially dangerous since a concentration of it can make normal flames explode with +2CS damage), and the inert gases (an Amazing Intensity FEAT, since there are so few of these present in Earth’s atmosphere-but on other planets, not so tough).

Body Coating (Ice) 20 Excellent
The hero can surround himself with a flexible layer of a protective substance not normally found on his body. The body coat provides protection and allows the hero’s Power(s) to manifest (i.e., if the body coat is not present, the hero cannot use his other Powers). Damage to the body coating is not carried over to the hero’s own Health; no points are lost even when the coating is completely destroyed. Any damage to the coating can be quickly repaired by the hero’s body secreting more of the coating material. The degree of protection and the speed of repair to the coating are determined by the Power rank. The coating can be of any one substance. When creating the hero, the player must determine the nature of the Body Coating material. Common examples include ice, iron, steel, copper, rock, wood, and insulation. Each material has its own characteristics.
If the player rolls this Power more than once when creating the hero, the player may opt for a variety of coatings or increase the rank of -the first coating by +1CS, cumulative.
When coated, the hero is vulnerable to attacks against that specific material, like flame against wood, electricity against metal, -or sudden thermal change against rock. Variables include the material strength of the coating, its normal duration, the speed of creation, the rate of replenishment, and the effects on the body.
The Body Coating Power gives the hero an added vulnerability to relevant Matter Control Powers. When the coating has reached its duration limit or is no longer needed, it simply flakes off the hero’s body and quickly disperses as dust or vapor.
If an opponent has the ability to negate the coating’s flexibility (through Matter Control, Power Control, or Magic), the hero is paralyzed until he can remove the coating or until it reaches its duration.

Rocket 20 Excellent
The hero flies by means of a rocket-like exhaust that propels him at Power rank speed. The rocket blast is created by a thermo-chemical reaction generated by the hero’s body. The Power converts whatever material is around him into fuel and oxidant, then it shapes the exhaust into a stream to propel him. If the hero is in a vacuum, the Power creates fuel out of virtual nothingness. The Power is treated like Strength to determine the maximum thrust the Power can achieve. If the thrust is high enough, the hero can carry or push additional loads. For example, Cannonball’s Remarkable thrust can lift up to one ton. The Nemesis is Gravity Manipulation.

Body Resistance 30 Remarkable
This is the form of Body Armor most heroes want. The hero’s body is composed of apparently normal flesh. However, the tissue of capable of withstanding major damage without showing any effects. The resistance covers physical and energy attacks only.
The Intensity rank number of the attack is reduced by this Power’s rank number. The remaining Intensity is the actual damage the hero suffers. While the hero’s skin shows the effects of the tremendous abuse it suffers, at least it heals quickly. The Power enables the epidermis to heal at a tenfold rate.

Collection (Water) 30 Remarkable
The hero can cause any desired material to collect in a specific location. This material must already be present and diffused throughout the hero’s vicinity, whether in the air, water, soil, or scattered across the ground. The Collection area has a radius determined by the Power rank; distances are shown on column C of the Range Table inside this book’s cover. For example, an Incredible rank can collect material from as far as 25 miles away. Collected material instantly teleports to the designated Collection site. The site must be in line of sight of the hero and within his Power’s range. The hero can Collect per turn a maximum amount of material measured in the number of pounds equal to the Power rank number. This assumes, of course, that enough material exists within the vicinity in order to be Collected. Any material of any nature can be Collected. There is a partial exemption to this rule in regards to living beings. The Power can only Collect living beings whose weight is within the weight limits for the Power; if the beings weighs more, the Power can not affect them aside from a brief tug. If the Power is used to Collect the bodily products of living beings, player and Judges are to assume that so little is drawn from each being that no harm results. For example, a character could Collect a mass of blood without having to worry that he bled some stranger to death. The Power does not after the state of any matter either before or after Collection. The desired matter must be in the basic chemical formulation desired. Desired materials that are in some altered state are not affected by the Power. For example, trying to Collect steel in a junkyard full of rust will lead to naught. The exception is if the desired material is in either a state of solution or suspension, since neither actually affects the chemical nature of the material. For example, imagine your hero is standing at the seaside and practicing his Power. He cannot Collect the hydrogen bound into the water but he could Collect salt, gold, or anything else dissolved into seawater. Collecting salt is easy; a Remarkable Power can Collect a mansized pile within a minute’s time. Gold is harder; each cubic mile of seawater contains only a few ounces of gold. Due to some unexplained limitation to this Power, it cannot randomly Collect foreign materials found within the bodies of anyone within the Power’s range. Common foreign materials include tooth fillings, prostheses, sutures, and drugs. If the hero must Collect such materials from a body. For example if he knows arsenic has been swallowed by someone, the conditions increase in difficulty. The hero must be in contact with the source of the desired material and the hero must make a red FEAT to withdraw the material without harming the donor. Failure to do so means the material is still locked within the target’s body.
Ethereal and Phasing matter can be Collected. They just can’t be held for any length of time without consciously and repeatedly using the Power to return such matter to the Collection site. This Power is most commonly linked to the Matter Control and Conversion Powers as a way to gather sufficient raw material to permit the other Powers to function. These are listed as Optional Powers. Even if used by itself, this Power can be used effectively. Matter can be Collected to form a protective shield or to entrap a foe in a suddenly appearing pile of debris. Dirt or water can be Collected to smother a fire or dampen escaping radiation. The hero is free to develop various Power Stunts using suddenly materialized matter.

Power Stunts:
Hail Storm
- Matter Animation, Air (Remarkable 30) Direct gusts of wind up to power rank speed over power rank (b) distance.
- Cold Generation (Good 10) Decrease the temperature of the gust by 100 degrees.
- Thermal Control (Excellent 20) Further decrease the temperature of the gust.
- Collection, Water (Remarkable 30) Teleport up to 30 pounds of water from up to 12 miles away to directly above the gust
- Cold Shaping (Excellent 20) Ice Generation forms the collected water into hail pellets.

The Boot
- Collection, Water (Remarkable 30) Teleport up to 30 pounds (3.6 gallons) of water from up to 12 miles away to pool at target’s feet.
- Cold Generation (Good 10) Decrease the temperature of the gust by 100 degrees.
- Cold Shaping (Excellent 20) Ice Generation freezes the water into a boot around the target’s foot.

Talents (5/8)
Aerial Combat
Law Enforcement
-Police Procedure

Contacts (3/6)
Law Enforcement: Karrin Murphy
Hydrology Scientist: Alice Rivers
Cryogenic Scientist: Sonya Novaković


Induced mutant
Weakness: elemental allergy to cesium causes incapacitation for a limited duration after contact.

Alexander worked as a security guard in a cryogenic lab. He volunteered for an experiment bringing cryogenic to an all new level, but there was a terrible explosion in a nearby school. He woke up some time later in a secret government facility. He quickly learned to control his powers. Given his history in security, he was offered a position with the local police department. Alexander gladly accepted. He sometimes works as a one-on-one mentor for those freshly exposed to their powers.

Alexander Popov

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